1 definition by charlieetta

Brahm is the tall nerdy guy. Not every girl falls for him, but if you do, and he falls for you back, you wont regret it. Brahm is extremely smart and hilariously funny. He can be flirty, but sometimes doesn't like to show it. He would never ditch his girl. His eyes are usually brown, and he's often the tall one. He's awesome, cool, funny, and very helpful. He's playful, and laughs a lot. He's really cute, and makes the right girl feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Brenda: See that guy over there?

Haley: The tall, hot one? His name is Brahm.

Brenda: Think he has a girl friend yet...?

Haley: LOL, and the name really fit's him, don't you think?
by charlieetta November 16, 2012

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