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1) a futile act
2) a not-so-subtle way of asking someone to go away and not come back for a while.
"go piss up a rope, loser."
by charlie root June 09, 2003
1) a programming term, meaning 'to increment by one'. often used to imply someone is above average in a certain characteristic.

2) a form of rating, giving a person/place/inanimate object a higher "karma"

see ant. at minusminus
Also, ++.
1) "dude, you're like.. nerdy plus plus"
2) "pkgadd rocks! solaris++."
by charlie root March 25, 2003
see syn. at Denial of Service, DoS
n. 1) a datagram
v. 1) to flood someone's computer with datagrams, rendering it non-responsive or forcing it to disconnect from a network
<opt1k> stfu before i packet you offline
by charlie root February 05, 2003
n. 1) doing something incredibly stupid by accident, usually resulting in a core router or production database being shut down.
running 'route delete default' or 'ipfw add 0001 reset ip from any' from a remote SSH connection
by charlie root August 27, 2003
n. 1) the act of voting on a poll/quiz you've posted yourself
2) giving your own quotes a higher rating
(see also bash wanking)
anyone who has a quote on bash.org
by charlie root August 27, 2003
adj. 1) opposite of clueless.
2) used sarcastically, a question that answers itself
3) one who makes such a statement
4) anyone who is so clueless as to be unaware of their own deficiency of Vitamin Clue.
2) "How many points do you need to get to win at 21?"
4) dalnet.
by charlie root March 25, 2003
1) the opposite of plusplus. one who is lacking in a certain characteristic

2) to give an object a lower "karma" rating

see ant. at plusplus
also: --
1) "I heard that mkart64 was hung--"
2) "hangover = tequila--"
by charlie root March 25, 2003

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