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When two people constantly miss each others phone calls, emails or text messages.
Why are we playing Technology Tag today. I called you and missed your call. I texted you and missed your return text and emailed you and you have not responded.
by charles allen March 15, 2008
To park like OJ Simpson parked his vehicle on the night of the murders. When your vehicle is not parked correctly. Any deviation fron parking parallel to the curb. When you approach a car and you see that it is not parked correctly. When you assume someone hurriedly parked a vehicle.
Dude must have been in a hurry because he park like OJ.

I often laugh when i see how my mom parks her car, she park like OJ.
by charles allen March 01, 2008
A young and legal female who is attractive and in need of sexual relations from a male. A female who needs to be sexed. A horney tenderroni. A nymphomaniac who is discovered by an older gentleman. A sexy younger female who is available.
There is nothing better than discovering an attractive tenderhorney as you mature. That girl is a tenderhorney tenderroni.
by charles allen March 23, 2008
acronym: sexy ass beast. fine ass female.
that is a sab. she is a sexy ass beast.
by charles allen January 16, 2008
acronym: what it do when it do what it do for you? what's up? what's good with you?
Hey, widwidwidfy (what's going on with you)?
by charles allen January 16, 2008
acronym: who you do when you do what you do?
wydwydwyd,(who are you sexing)?
by charles allen January 16, 2008
yo what it do? how are you? what's good with you?
Yow girl? yow what's up? yow what's good?
by charles allen January 16, 2008

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