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A sex act invented in a thought experiment by two stoned virgins and popularized via Urban Dictionary. No human being, alive or dead, has ever actually performed this sex act, but it has attained a degree of cultural currency through shock value.
Stoner 1: Dude... like... what if you, like, went to titty-bang a girl, but then totally took a dump and then sat in it?
Stoner 2: Baahahaha hahaha haha ha ha hahaha ha we should call that a Cleveland steamer!
Stoner 1: Uh... why?
Stoner 2: Because, like, the poop would steam if it's cold out... and it's like Cleveland!
Stoner 1: Hahahaha yeah totally. This is going to be the best Urban Dictionary sex act ever.
by chaos5023 October 05, 2011
One of the 53% of touchscreen smartphones in use whose displays are spiderwebbed with cracks from being clumsily dropped or, in the case of pre-2011 iPhones, hurled across the room due to AT&T rage.
Hipster 1: Hey, how do we get to Urban Outfitters from here?
Hipster 2: Let me check my shatterphone.
Hipster 2: Ow! Owow! Ow! Ow!
Hipster 2: Uh, we go down the street and turn left at the blood smear.
Hipster 1: Deck.
by chaos5023 October 06, 2011
Use as an emote, this is an intensification of "nod", denoting more emphatic agreement. Originated with PvP MUDs.
dethsord: hey u wanna gank this noob w/me?
sephiroth7281: nog
by chaos5023 June 17, 2011
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