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4 definitions by challgren

When a comp gets rid of services that made them unique, then implement services that blend in w/ rest of the pak!
Me: Hey did you see Twitter today??
Bob: Yeah the web page sucks now they got rid of timeline.
Me: Yeah they're pulling a brightkite right there.
by challgren December 17, 2010
Son of a bitch, I'm awake
SOBIA at 3am
by challgren November 09, 2012
Extremist Nutbag In Charge
Zachariah is the ENIC... Extremist Nutbag in Charge
by challgren October 01, 2011
Name of bacteria species given to bacteria that grows on pans left out
Other: Dude whats growing in that pan?
You: Inconsiderus roomaticum its a cure for slobitis
Other: You should bottle that sh*t
You: I could sell it by the gallon!
by challgren July 21, 2010