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2 definitions by chainsawguy100

those people every1 loves making fun of in school.
and on the internet,and at work, and on the street, everywhere. its a tradition that will never die.
guy 1: dude remember when i put a moldy big mac in that fat bitch kayla's locker?

guy 2: LOLOLOLOL that was fuckin halarious! and remember when i put a pic of that fatass in the swimming locker room on 4chan and facebook? LOLOLOL now every1 knows him!

guy 1: gotta love fat people
by chainsawguy100 March 31, 2011
53 20
if u dont play them, a bunch of dumbass jocks will call u a nerd and other random insults. if u dont give a flying fuck about sports,welcome to the club.
me: *is not obsessing over the new sports videogame*
dumbass jock: this game is awesome u fag

me: at least i have a funtioning dick.
by chainsawguy100 April 23, 2011
76 65