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1. A reference to a group of men and women.
Example (setup): What the "baby-ruth" guy said in the movie Goonies.
Example (actual): "Hey you guys!"
by chaeseco June 02, 2003
1. Stands for 'efficiently lazy'.

2. Typically used in conversation when reffering to a style, approach and method to dealing with problems, solutions and troubleshooting.

3. To rapidly and precisly improve a way to do something in the simplest and most-less time consuming way.

4. Someone who does not like to waste time, yet is very good at doing a very precise and through job at any task or problem they approach. Instead of being constrained by a boundry, limit or obstacle; this person will create their own improved approach or work-around. This is typically a quality refferd to their programming style; "that person is EL".

5. Generally this person type procrastinates, sometimes whines a lot, but ultimately is valued for their skills and talent.
Example 1: Imagine a computer administrator (Fred), who needs to add a set of (15) users to multiple file-servers (50 or 60; in DNZ networks that cannot be administrated by central domains or NFS+ controllers) each with a username and password (all across the board/servers) with specific details about each user to be detailed with user account.. and so on.. Normally to accomplish a task like this would require a person to sit down to each box and or console/telnet to each system and manually type in this information at the specific server. An 'EL' person would build and/or script an application that create a repeatable/re-usable process to accomplish this task. That is being efficiently lazy; 'EL'.

Example 2: The creator(s) of the remote control is/was 'EL'.

Exmaple 3: The creator(s) of the Microwave are/were 'EL'.
by chaeseco May 28, 2003
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