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a group of high school guys that believe they are cool but are actually weak immature dudes that manage to fool girls into thinking they are cool. also manage to control the minds of others to make them believe they are legit but actually have tiny penises. they also believe they are friends but in reality their group survives on a chain of lies and misconceptions. they think people like them but actually everyone hates them and only hangs out with them because they want to be seen as 'cool'. act like dicks constantly and disrespect chicks but still have underclassmen groupies that want their undersized peckers. drive jacked up trucks and inefficient vehicles that their mommies and daddies paid for unlike hardworking, honest, and chill bros who are on the verge of extinction because of such cliques. long live the bro!
A.K.A.-- "Jew Crew" and "Fag Patrol"

also act "gangsta" and blast loud rap music out of their trucks even though they propose to be redneck racist good 'ol boys. also propose to be decent human beings even though they drink, smoke, and dip and wonder why that can never be have half the athleticism of a bro.

they give the appearance that they will fight you but when a fight breaks out they stand a safe distance away and video the event but later account the fight in a manner that sounds as if they kicked someones ass while watching their pussy 'friend' get their ass kicked by a bro.

most likely to follow a pointless trend like wearing flat billed caps and putting their full first, middle, and last name on facebook to make them appear sophisticated and smart. constantly throw up the 'shocker' in pictures with girls even though they never have and never will actually use the shocker. Turn nice, good looking girls into skanky hos who become disrespected by bros.

some members of "the bomb squad" can be tolerable and even at times cool by themselves but once three or more members get together they become annoying douchebags with little to no respect for anyone or anything
Dude 1: Why does the Bomb Squad get the girls?
Dude 2: Because they don't know the size of their truck is and inverse equation of their penis size.

"Uh-oh, here comes the Bomb Squad."
"Let's go find somewhere else to hang out; I hate those guys."

Bro 1: Look its the Bomb Squad!

Bro 2: Oh shit who gives a fuck!
by chadbrochill7 July 12, 2009

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