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A co-worker who isn't very productive, generates a lot of noise and metaphorically throws shit everywhere.
Those three new engineers looked great on paper, but once they were set loose on a project it became apparent that they were a bunch of howler monkeys.
by cfm2 March 23, 2012
(Chiefly British, and best appreciated in a British accent.)

Any large-bore corrugated tubing. Generally made of thick plastic - making it stiff - while the corrugations allow for some flexibility. Generally used for routing cables around a room, or exhaust gas from an air conditioning unit.
I say - heat's building up in the machine room. Don't suppose you could toddle over and check the elephant's cock's not fallen off the air con, old boy?
by cfm2 December 14, 2011
A subgenre of nu-metal. More mainstream and commercialized than nu-metal, nu-nu-metal depends heavily on samples, electronic loops, sponsorship and merchandising.

Allows nu-metallers to look down on others the same way metallers look down on them.
metaller: Look at that nu-metaller over there, fuckin' mainstream sellout.
nu-metaller: Look at that nu-nu-metaller over there, fuckin' mainstream sellout.
nu-nu-metaller: Guitarist plushies! w00t!
by cfm2 February 22, 2012
Portmanteau of analytical and mythical. Investigation that everyone agrees needs to be done, but nobody ever gets around to doing.
Director: "What do you mean the product bombed? Didn't we do any market research?"

Marketing: "Well, in the end the research was all a bit analythical"
by cfm2 June 10, 2012
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