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1 definition by cfa

Nova Scotians love children and pets, but have no time for adults, particularly those who "come from away". If you weren't born or raised in the province, there's no place for you. No jobs to speak of, unless you're willing to work for such miserable pay and conditions, not even a Nova Scotian would consider it. Employers rarely return phone calls and people with decent jobs cling to them with a fierce tenacity.
In short, it's a great place to live if you're rich or self-sufficient. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
"Hello, I just moved to Nova Scotia and I'm looking for.... Hello? Hello? Yes, is this Human Resources? Excuse me, but did you say that the person who does the hiring is on paid leave for two years? And the vacancy has been filled by her cousin? Is there someone else who... Hello?"
by cfa April 14, 2009