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A mispronunciation of the word Rottweiler by blacks. Now accepted as the correct pronunciation by african americans.
Yo hommie, the police took my rockweiler cause he ate this baby. Thats bullshit!
by cervid March 18, 2004
A mispronunciation of "pit bull" by blacks; that has become the word to describe any of the american breeds of fighting dogs: see also Rockwieler.
Yo nigga you see dat maafuggin pick bull!
by cervid March 18, 2004
Another reason to buy products from overseas. Race, color, sex, etc. to be considered over qualification forcefully applied by government.
The useless people who answer phones for government agencies, that although it is there first language, seem to have no grasp of english; spoken or written.
by cervid March 18, 2004
Sunflower seeds.
Hey man; gimme some scrimps
by cervid March 18, 2004

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