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Emotional event where one either has a hard drive crash and loses all their itunes music or makes an attempt to organize their computer and deletes the current/up to date music list utilized by itunes.
It is not enough that the skeeter misplaced his itunes music list once, but to repeat the itunes crash twice in the same year left him second guessing why he did not listen and make a back up.
by cernep April 04, 2009
Two meet via an online dating websites such as plentyoffish or match, go out on a few dates but leave the singles profiles up in the event it does not work, then one of the two starts watching to see the amount of visits to the website asking questions about interest in other woman.
Jean made an ass out of herelf and lost control of her jeolous/possessive side demonstrating her being an online stalker after jumping on Andrews case when he visited plenty just hours after they had a date.
by cernep April 21, 2009

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