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She is beautiful and funny, psychotic and crazy, manipulative and charming all at the same time. She is a lover and a fighter. She will kiss you on your cheek then bite your face off. She is a dreamer. She has an exotic look; big beautiful eyes, gorgeous flowing hair full of body and lustre, caramel/olive complexion, and awful feet from her days of dancing point. She cant walk and chew gum at the same time, but she can dance like an angel. Her voice is like a thousand nails scratching upon a chalk board, but her face is so pretty. . She is only quiet when she is sleeping. Her smile is contagious... her laugh is infectious... her love is genuine and true until you piss her off. Her beauty and aura will confuse you. One minute you will be in bliss and the next you wont know what hit you. She is truly a magnificent creature. Getting Daynia'd is almost like getting punked, except it happens every day not just once in a while. You never know when it is coming.
Also referred to as Sybil

OMG I just got Daynia'd! I dont know if I am coming or going!

"I thought everything was fine, then all of the sudden I was Daynia'd"

<3 you Scoob xoxo
by celestasphery December 31, 2012

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