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2 definitions by cedric718

Albanian-American criminals are said by police to be involved in everything from gun-running to counterfeiting. But it is drug trafficking that has gained Albanian organized crime the most notoriety. Some Albanians, according to federal Drug Enforcement Administration officials, are key traders in the "Balkan connection," the Istanbul-to-Belgrade heroin route. DEA officials estimated that, while less wel known than the so-called Sicilian and French connections, the Balkan route might have been moving, around 1985 2 25% to 40% of the U.S. heroin supply. 2 25% to 40% of the U.S. heroin supply . Albanians have took over from the sicilian mafia they are very racist people they are in the bronx on 185 and aurthor ave in bronx ny they took over in new jersey.
Italian man says a fagtaboutit albanian say move over bitch and blows his head off albania land of eagles albanian mafia
by cedric718 September 30, 2009
Loud. Disrespectful close minded people who hate any one who is not albainan most hate barack obama and most are in crime . Murder kidnaping drugs etc. But albainan girls love blacks and latinos albanian girls love to give oral and they never bite and they swallow with no questions . Albainan girls are pretty but they fart a lot during sexual intercourse. Young albainan young men act like black young men make them wiggers. They hate black but act black they like gangsta rap any thing that deals with blacks. Every body wants to me black but no one wants to be black. Albania is one of the poorest places on earth and europe but they think they are the best thing ever.
Albanian man oh look their is a black guy haha he is obama. Albanian 1 young man wassup yo what it do son I got fire. Albanian young man 2 oh look a black guy oh I hate black people albanians suck l
by cedric718 September 30, 2009