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"short hand" for "How dare you?!"

U (short for "you" because we can't be bothered to write three letters anymore)
"HDU insult my mother's choices?!"
"HDU hate Britney Spears?!"

by cecilia-weasley October 30, 2007
The opposite of hippie, if you will. Used to mean "young urban proffessional" but now it is used as an insult towards young people who happen to wear suits.

It is also used as an insult to mean shallow, but conservative people.

Usually, yuppies are racist and xenophobic, and against abortions. They will exhibit a limited amount of intelligence and regurgitate news heard from such crappy channels as "FOX" or "NBC" or even "ABC" . Sometimes they are extremist Christian, but not often. Usually scientifically atheistic. It doesn't matter what colour their skin is, they can still be racist against their own.

They don't wear too much jewelry or makeup, and their music of choice is the horrific genre of "soft rock" or "easy listening". Their style of dress is conservative, but not bad considering the alternatives. They wear leather briefcases or nylon laptop bags, and have a sense of self-importance with their blackberry cellphones and their IPods.

They wear brand names like Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger, sometimes Armani and, if they feel funky, D&G. Coco Chanel is seen as an idol, but usually, the females will wear Coach bags, because these are more in fashion.

Yuppies like to pretend they're not following trends, but they follow trends just like townies and trendies do.
A yuppie is a corporate lawyer.
A business person is a yuppie.

Damn yuppies are at it again!
by cecilia-weasley March 18, 2006

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