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An awesome public school located in Newtown, CT for grades 5 and 6. Reed Intermediate is definitely one of the best public schools in the state, offering a wide-range of activities for students, great teachers, and a good education. Also, the school is sparkly and new with beautiful architecture, classrooms and fields.
A: Hey, what school do you go to?

B: Reed Intermediate School.

A: Lucky!

B: Haha, yeah, I know.
by ceax98 May 21, 2011
A very wealthy town that many people move to for it's schools, beauty, and friendliness. Although said in many definitions before, Newtown is NOT a druggy place at ALL. In fact, it's far from it. Many children who grow up in Newtown go to great colleges because of the great educations they gain while living there. Also, Newtown has a ton of sports and activities to offer...it is by far one of the most fortunate places to live in Connecticut!
Girl: Woah, this place is so awesome! What town are we in?

Mother: Newtown, CT, honey!
by ceax98 May 21, 2011

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