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1 definition by ceasar ceasar salad 15

Trumbull is a boring town in fairfield county and even though it IS in fairfield county it is not as rich as many people so wrongly think it is! Just about none of the teenagers in the town own a car and if they do they are the subject of most of the other kids in towns jealousy. Most people in town own clothes from stores like abercrombie and hollister but clothing brands are not really a hot topic of conversatioin at trumbull high school and most people could not care less. Nobody travels to Greenwich and New Canaan to do their shopping. And it is not filled with rich kids pretending to be perfect and then going out and getting drunk every night. And if anything the kids who do get drunk every night, in no way have a 4.3 gpa but rather a 1.9. Overall Trumbull is an average small town which has been put on the map by the presence of its mall and movie theater.
"Hey, where do you live?"
"In Trumbull..."
"Oh, I've never heard of it..."
by ceasar ceasar salad 15 August 10, 2009
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