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Midnight (0000 in Military time) to 4 watch. The first watch of the day's rotation. NOT unique to any maritime academy. In fact, it is a pretty common term in most branches of the military. I've also heard it called the Balls to Forever watch.
I'm going to go hit the rack early. I've got to get up for the Balls to 4 watch.
by CDubb October 07, 2013
When an alcoholics liver is failing from mass doses of alcohol and when he shits it squirts all over the toilet bowl.
My main man Purp has the liver squirts!
by cdubb January 04, 2008
Wet, sticky mixture of rain and snow. It sticks to everything like, well, you know.
There's a nasty layer of snism all over the from yard. This ought to be fun to clean up.
by CDubb November 23, 2013

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