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The term used to describe an extreme cluster fuck of a situation, one that usually involves some sort of miscalculation by the person in charge.
John - "Dude what the fuck happened to all the alcohol? I thought Jerry was bringing it to the party?"

Terance - "Ya well fucking Jerry went to some party on 12th street and now were stuck in shitfest 9000."
by cdub for real January 23, 2011
Used to describe the behaivor of someone who constantly complains about ailments and/or sickness.
John - "Man my throat really hurts today, I think I need to go to the doctor."

Randy - "Ya man you should go to the doctor, you prob got a case of pussasitis, I hear that shits goin around this time of year.... queer."
by cdub for real January 23, 2011
Used to gloat after doing something extremely cool.
Cal just went 30-0 on black ops.

Cal- "dude did you see that game bill?"
Bill - "dude fuck off you were camping the whole time."
Cal - "Respectasarus bill, respectasaurus."
by cdub for real January 18, 2011
Used to describe a very athletic person. Often the following entire phrase is used with the term: "big black stallion with a big fat sack". Another word for stud.
John -"you watch the eagles game yesterday eric."
Eric - "ya man had vick on my fantasy team, thank God he is a big black stallion, pulled the victory out for me."
by cdub for real January 23, 2011

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