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An American female that lives, usually, in the south and has characteristics that indicate strong ties to her agrarian heritage.
Ms. Smith is a Suburban Cowgirl, she plows up her back yard to grow tomatoes every year and all her children participate in the local rodeo.
by cdsavant October 06, 2012
Educational Technology is used in pedagogy to engage students interactively. Ed Tech is also considered to be a primary technology to help "Close the Gap" in education. The demand for mobile devices and their applications are lowering the price of access to technology. Cloud applications and the reduction in cost should enable more access to education through technology.
Now that our local school district has embraced ed tech, the elementary schools are receiving WiFi.

She is getting a masters in ed tech so she can facilitate the communities GED program.

Thanks to ed tech, he can take classes online while working full time to help support his mom and younger sisters.
by cdsavant October 07, 2012
Having a sound moral character regardless of race, gender, or religion. A person with a sound core knows the intrinsic truths that govern humanity.
She has a sound core; however, her lack of leadership skills has her following the herd like a sheep to the slaughter.

I thought he had a sound core only to find out later that he was an expert at portraying sincerity.
by cdsavant October 07, 2012

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