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2 definitions by cdavisinsd

Jombzie - /jämb-zē/ - NOUN

1. Steve Jobs rising from the dead.

2. Any member of the Apple marketing cult zealots that line up in front of Apple retail stores in all hours of the night waiting for the latest product release. Can often be found quietly chanting, "...brains... iphone 5... brains... Mac Air... brains... iPad 64..."
"Did you see all those Jombzies mulling about the Apple store when they heard of the iPhone5 preview???"
by cdavisinsd September 13, 2012
(transitive verb) em-ˈsi-nə-bä(l)m : to be embalmed in Cinnabon frosting - either upon or prior to one's death.
"When I die, please enCinnabalm my body. In fact - you don't have to wait til i'm dead... If I'm close, just go ahead and do it."
by cdavisinsd May 08, 2013