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A city in Texas where many of the people are mean and stuck up, but many are actually nice, intellectual, and fun to hang around with. Some people get bullied but people stick up for them. Southlake has great schools and a wonderful athletics division. Sometimes the coaches seem to care more about sports though.

Some of the girls and boys here are stupid, mean, pathetic, and snobby. They most commonly wear ( and own) 120 dollar Miss Me jeans, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, Sperry's, Uggs, Nike, Under Armor, I phone 4s, and stuff from Tyler's. Other people are great to hang out with and more, though. The children will try to act much older than they really are and date at the age of 10, which is strange considering the fact they can only see PG rated movies.

The parents are mainly people who do not want their special children to grow up how they did, so they shower them with materialistic items and compliments, even though they are the future terrorists of America. Blame them.

I have grown up here, in Southlake, and have found amazing people here amongst the others. I am a straight A student in all accelerated classes. I have mastered Spanish, French, Mandrin Chinese, and Italian. If you want to be intellectually challenged, you should come here.

Yes, Southlake has some bad seeds in it, but doesn't every city? It is a wonderful place to live and shouldn't be judged by only the snobby rich kids.
Faith: Southlake is a wonderful city, but some people are snobby.

Ali: Yeah, well every city has those people.
by ccrunner3064 December 18, 2011

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