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Long paper is when you make the big bucks. The big fuckin' bank. The big dollars. Like when A-Rod gets paid 260+ million over 10 years. Or when that jew bitch from Facebook throws a party.

The jew is throwing down the long paper tonight yo.
NBC execs come all up on Joe Rogan to rehost the re-release of Fear Factor. Joe says, "Yeah I'll do it, but only for the long paper niggaz".
by ccght67 July 01, 2011
Simply put, Rowley's law states that 8 out of 10 people are idiots or morons. There may be others who have tried to pen similar laws, but Rowley of the M Lounge was the first to describe this phenomena in detail and his older posts describe this to a T. In the most basic terms, you can say the 8 out of 10 rule applies whenever you see someone behaving like a moron (which is often).
That guy Lee just shit his shorts, he must be in the 8 out of 10. That is Rowley's law in its simplest form.
by ccght67 August 15, 2010
A combinatorial word penned by Lee Anne Francis Feekal the wife-beating heroin addict M Lounge troll that describes an imaginary friend of his that enjoys fine beers such as Russian River Pliny the Elder or perhaps a dog piss beer like that gay ass watermelon beer from San Francisco.
Rowley is my online brewchacho. He makes killer beer because he lives in New Mexico and they don't have shit for good beer so he has to make his own or drink ice cold PBR or Fat Tire as these are the best offerings the gay ass distributor has to offer the poor beaners of New Mexico.
by ccght67 August 10, 2010

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