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In street lingo, or perhaps in slang version, 9-5 is an adjective that references having/living an average life workin' a typical hard-labor, low-wager job. Obviously this is conclusive of the general 9-5 definition of having a job that's essentially that 8-hour, 5 times a week shift. But back on street talk, it's being stuck with a dead end job that brings in enough money afford the minimal bills putting whatever food onthe table that comes by.
"C'mon Chris this new job at a super Wal-Mart will be like free money."
"Hell no, first cashier at Wal-Mart, next supervisor on a longer term basis; I'll be damned if end up livin' a 9-5 worth nothin life. I'm gunna make it even if I gotta travel that high road on my own."
by cboyweridin February 23, 2012

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