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1. The act of slyly giving back a crazy soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend her stuff. This is done when a man wishes to break up but wants to avoid seeing or talking to the woman. Its not necessarily an act of cowardice, because due to the woman's fragile emotional state, it might actually be best for everyone involved. (Leaving an explanatory note is optional).
1. Man, that bitch was psycho. I had to creep-up-on-er and leave her shit in a plastic bag on her front door.

MIKE: I'm not really feelin' this chick and I think she's about to kick me to the curb.
JOE: Well maybe you should just break up with her first.
MIKE: Yeah, but I don't wanna see her. Bitch is crazy!
JOK: OK. Here's what you gotta do: you gotta creep-up-on-er.

3. Cindy: (crying on phone to her best friend). Can you believe it? I just found my stuff on my doorstep. He pulled a creep-up-on-er. I knew we were going through a rough patch, but I didn't expect this! {waaaaahhhh!!!}
by cbo-dogg October 17, 2007
NAWT=Nights and weekends time. AKA, the time when you call everyone you know cuz its 'free'! Not to be confused with naughty time or business time.
1. (via text message) No minutes. I'll holla atchu on NAWT.
2. Man, I don't care that Cingular is now the new AT&T. I still gots my NAWTs now don't I?
3. Nevermind those NAWTs. These wireless companies are taking me for a ride and leavin' me with naught.
by CBO-dogg October 22, 2007

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