6 definitions by cazza

Top class clothes made in Britain with a tartan/check on them. Often mistaken for Burberry by Tossers who don't know their clobber!
Burberry = GAY

by cazza October 21, 2004
a flirty crazy chick that is very loud, energetic and never shuts up =)
omg look she is being like carra??
by CaZzA May 27, 2003
Seriously class clothing brand.
" Nice Henri Lloyd jumper M8, were did you get it from? USC, Nice One! "
by cazza October 02, 2004
A Glasgow term for a pair of trainers.
"There heavy smart sannys by the way bud!"
by cazza September 28, 2004
A jacket that is made by Berghaus.Very popular with gangs in Glasgow.
"The gang was wearing red, blue and grey Mera peaks."
by cazza October 05, 2004
A slang name for a pair of Timberland boots.
" Youve justed scuffed your new Timbys mate, you must be gutted! "
by cazza September 30, 2004

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