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2 definitions by cattybeav

Barshit can be a synonym for the word bullshit.
If someone cuts you off while your driving, you say "thats barshit"

Barshit also tends to be followed by the word unherman.

You can pronounce unherman with a silent H for a more effictive saying. So it would sound like unerman.

Barshit and Unherman both originate from the Armitage household, which has been adopted by the Hurdons, and other families.

Both words sound better when used in a Country/Hick accent.
I lost Bingo! Barshit!

Aaaaah, we have to canoe back to shore in a thunder storm, barshit - unherman!
by cattybeav May 17, 2011
Something or someone that isnt well off, or isnt lucky.

The opposite if unherman, is herman.
So if someones really rich, and lucky, they are herman.
I stepped in dog shit, unherman!

Its raining today, unherman!
by cattybeav May 17, 2011