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4 definitions by catseyes

packed, full, a lot of people, crowded
This club is rammed
by Catseyes December 09, 2001
79 46
party pooper, a cop out,
you old poop
by Catseyes December 09, 2001
5 10
uncut penis, not circumsized
He's in the hood, eww..
by Catseyes December 09, 2001
15 25
A deceitful boy, who think he's hard going against his religion by drinking and smoking weed. He is obsessive, arrogant, gloating, untrustworthy, disrespectful and down right vile to his parents. He thinks he can get his way if he gets someone drunk enough. He has an inability to understand the word "NO". He knows nothing of real life.

He is delusional. Avoid him at all costs.
He's acting like a complete Maaz again. Get him away from me
by catseyes November 24, 2012
14 142