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3 definitions by caters

Weapons of mass disappearance
Dammit, those smart Iraqis managed to get rid of their WMDs just before we invaded. Well, I suppose now that we're here, we should have a look...
dumdedum. Don't see any. Hm.

But they're definitely here! We're AMERICAN you know, we can't possibly be WRONG. It's those damn Iraqis and their magic invisible dust again.
by caters June 22, 2005
64 16
An exclamation!
Kind of like "oh my goodness" in norn-iron (northern ireland) speak.
It's a great phrase because it can be used in so many different situations!
Boys a dear, it's warm today isn't it?
Boys a dear, there are loads of people here.
*lifting a heavy box* Boys a dear!
by caters June 22, 2005
25 6
someone who looks a bit confused, usually with a pained, constipated-esque expression on their face
He's a bit of a dose, isn't he?
OMG, he is such a DOSE!
by caters June 22, 2005
6 14