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The greatest rock band America ever produced, Aerosmith are still out there, rockin' hard and keeping the rock music scene alive. Not heavy like Ozzy or Metallica, Aerosmith is a true blues-rock band, and were the inspiration for Slash to start playing guitar the way he does.

Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Tom Hamilton
Brad Whitford
Joey Kramer

Some of their most famous songs include Walk This Way, Dream On, Dude (Looks Like A Lady), Janie's Got A Gun, Sweet Emotion, Last Child and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. My favourite band of all time. Check them out.
You wouldn't believe how much it costs to look this cheap - Steven Tyler
by Catalyst April 20, 2005
The most incredible band ever. Dave's voice is amazing.

People who claim that they suck have simply been brainwashed by that 'heavy' brand of 'rock' that TRL's been playing.
Remeber is one of my favorite Disturbed songs ^___________^
by Catalyst January 27, 2004
Five Cent Jive is term used in the same context as "bullshit"
When that girl told me she wasn't a whore, I knew it was all five cent jive.
by Catalyst August 13, 2004
a white wannabe freestyler
fish cant freestyle
by catalyst December 04, 2003

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