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The lands where Kurdish people living on. Although some people deny its existence with idiotic Turkish nihilist propaganda methods, like considering the Kurdistan as an imaginary region, Kurdistan is an official state with her own currency, army, flag and bureaucracy in the northern part of Iraq. So, there are 3 Kurdistan:

-Kurdistan Federal Region (Heremi Kurdistan) in Iraq; which is gained her autonomy in 1970

-Kurdistan Province (Perezgeha Kurdistane) in Iran.

-Kurdistan Region (contains both official and unofficial)
(in Diyarbekir, Irbil, Sanandja or Duhok):

-Excuse, where am I?
-You are in Kurdistan.

So, when you ask these question in the region called as Kurdistan, people will tell you nor you are in Iraq, neither Turkey, neither Iran; and neither Assyria, neither Armenia.

That's what Kurdistan is.

by catala June 26, 2011

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