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An in-joke amongst a few users of Gaia Online. Somebody made a thread about how people who participate in cyber sex are pathetic, but due to their poor spelling, said "phatehic" instead. Several users feigned insult at the use of this word and have been using it ever since
ppl hu cyber r phatehic ("People who cyber are pathetic")
by Cassidy Peterson April 20, 2004
Often misdefined as a country, it is actually TWO CONTINENTS. The United States of America is the country.
Peruvians, Canadians, and Mexicans are all from America.
by Cassidy Peterson January 21, 2004
A kind of tree
This forest is composed mainly of fir trees
by Cassidy Peterson January 21, 2004
A word that some people think has too many of itself
"Antidesistablishmentarianism" has too many syllables. "Syllables" has too many syllables!
by Cassidy Peterson January 20, 2004
1) A "cute" roleplay action performed online to friends or anything cute

2) A substitute for periods and/or exclamation points, used by the same people who use netspeak
1) *huggles the fuzzy bear*

2) omg i gtg byebye huggles
by Cassidy Peterson January 20, 2004

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