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1. A horrid ugly female with a face that looks like it was hit with a frying pan who cares for your child during the day while you're at work then cares for your husband at night... in the sexual way.
2. A controlling bitch.
3. A cunt that tells your daughter she can call her "Mama".
4. A follower of the bonus family philosophy.
5. A inhabitant of a home with a revolving door of random babies and children. And daddy's to her 2 bastard children.
Hottie #1 Hey do you want to come to the exchange with me? Hottie #2 Maybe. Is the whore nanny going to be there with a random baby?
Hottie #1 Chances are good.
Hottie #2 I'm there. Meh. smumn.

So what does the whore nanny do? Besides fuck your ex-husband?

To your daughter... You can call me your Bonus Mom instead of Whore Nanny.

Who wouldn't want a little extra lovin' from your whore nanny? Fuck yeah, right. I love whore nannies.

Guy #1 Are you married?
Guy #2 Yes.
Guy #1 Do you have a daughter?
Guy #2 Yes.
Guy #1 Does your daughter have a nanny?
Guy #2 Yes.
Guy #1 You should make that bitch your whore nanny.
Guy #2 Meh. She has a clist.

Let's put a hit out on the whore nanny.
by caseyjones April 26, 2008
Acronym for AT ALL TIMES
Pronounced, "A. A. T."
In our world, you need to wear mesh hats, AAT.
I'd like to get boned AAT.
by caseyjones April 26, 2008
indifference or to interrupt;
to get attention
"meh, smumn..."
"I love you?, smumn"
"smumn, you hangin' wit yo posse?"
by caseyjones April 12, 2008
When a woman makes a mustache of vaginal juices on a man's upper lip after she fingers herself.
Judy pleasured herself and then gave Scott the selleck.
by Caseyjones February 13, 2014
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