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The stage of life when you are young and stupid. As an adult, you look back on it and realise you were naïve for thinking stuff was cool that was actually shit.
Chloe: Hey, the cinema is screening Empire Records. Anyone care to join me for some 90s nostalgic viewing?
Elisa: Oh I love that movie; I'll bring my friends!
Me: Go, but keep in mind that there's nostalgia, and then there's 'how did I never realise how shit that movie was'
Chloe: "Well Sinead O'Rebellion. Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behaviour." Oh it's so funny!
Me: My comment clearly fell on deaf ears. Forget I said it and enjoy reliving your adolinnocence!!
by carrow July 09, 2011
Someone who dates people under the pretense of being single. Especially applies when they do it on organised dating circuits, such as speed dating.

Etymology: I think I just made it up, in context, maybe because it sounds a bit like philanderer and maybe scallywag, but neither of those words came into my mind.

...I understand if it doesn't take off.
Kyla: Got my hands full with these guys I'm dating. I am reducing it down to the one guy who is indeed single.
me: What? You mean the others were masquerading galafanders?
by carrow June 19, 2011

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