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33 definitions by carrie

Short form of "nasty".
Tara Ried and Paris Hilton are totally nany.
by Carrie February 24, 2005
Cool. Cod looks kind of like a really scrunched word cool.
Those new pants Emily has are really cod.
by Carrie August 06, 2004
dumbass, wanna be showoff,
Is Gus a dumbass? yes I think he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Carrie December 15, 2003
bamf is an insult to use when one is really pissed off at someone else the word mean bitch ass mother fucker and if anyone asks wut it means just say behold amerciful father
that stupid bamf
by carrie August 31, 2003
1. Used to describe something that is 'hot'; NOT Paris Hilton 'hot' juss haute; used by people who said the phrase before Paris Hilton banned anyone else saying it.
A friend: "How's this top look with this micromini?"

You: "Thats haute."
by Carrie August 20, 2005