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1. Noun - a website where people go to read and write reviews about their favorite local businesses

2. Verb - to yelp, meaning to use the website yelp.com, especially to write a review or share/find information about a business or topic

3. Verb - to scream like a dog
1. "Is there anyone out there who gives a painless brazillian wax?" "Lady, just search on Yelp for Annahita, she can do it in 12 minutes flat!"

2. Oh man, this taco is AMAZING, I gotta Yelp this.

3. The chick in the porno I watched last night was yelpin' like Lassie
#yelp #yelpers #animal sounds #mouthing off #reviews
by caroline c June 13, 2008
Those who write reviews, read reviews, or otherwise participate with online review site yelp.com.
1. I'm so glad that the other Yelpers like my review of "ex-boyfriends"; otherwise, I would not be rated funny, cool, or useful.

2. If it weren't for those Yelpers telling everyone that we've got the smoothest pastry cream fillings, I'm not sure we'd still be in business.
#yelp #reviewers #yelper #yuppies #yuppie
by caroline c June 13, 2008
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