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1 definition by carlosss

a little city in da bay area

home of a bunch of fucked up people shipped in from richmond and locals who went to elementary school 500 yards away form a giant oil refinery... people there are fucking wierdo's

the place is fun and ghetto without being dangerous... not saying people here dont get shot every month, but thats only cuase they bang and shit, do your own thing and u wont ever get fucked with

home of rapper circus the kid, dj royal and billy whats his name from green day lol

cool places?:
1st street

3 minutes south of vallejo, 10 minutes north of richmond

current price of thizzle in the smallz?
4-10 dollars

population about 15,00 or 25,000?.. i forget

herculease is not the smallz, fuck that gook shit...
paradox: the town of crockett and town of rodeo are considered one, yet crockett is not smallzville????

wa bunch of broke ass niggas in the smallz spend their money on thizzles instead of cars, and shitty folks end up in oakland smoking crank, while the successful ones end up in community college or working in an auto garage
we been doign the dummy in the smallzville for years
by carlosss November 09, 2006