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Usually a wild chick who forthrightfully declares she gets off on doing it in public areas--and proceeds to "exibit" such.
A freshman student at the University of Chicago was taking a noon walk along the lakefront when she encountered, along the lake rocks, an exhibitionist serving one of the locals.
#freshman #chick #public #exibit #head
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
An upscale market catering to those seeking "all natural" and organic foods--as well as a unique shopping experience. The customer service is pretty good. Whole Foods is a bit pricey, but their "365" brand items are reasonable. The Prepared Foods hot bar is an awesome place to lunch at.
Dude, I just had lunch at Whole Foods--the mushroom lasagna--and now I'm just about broke
#market #natural #organic #lunch #lasagna
by Carlos Mack December 03, 2007
when, after you sober up, what you felt was cool, actually has consequences.
When l got back from Vegas my bank said my account was overdrawn. That's illegal!
#sober #cool #vegas #bank #overdrawn
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
High potency wine--18%--made from, pears or grapes or apples or "perry" fruit (whatever that is.) Night Train is produced in Modesto California and is sold dirt cheap. It is, however, is a favorite of broke drunks hanging out on park benches. They usually refer to Night Train as a "Trilla." But you'd have to be drunk on Night Train to be able to fully understand why.
Drunk #1: "How much you got on a pint of Night Train?"
Drunk #2: "I got 53 cents on another Trilla, dude."
#wine #park bench #drunk #rot got #trilla
by carlos mack September 02, 2008
Jordan has been retired a few years now. But, yeah, look at the tapes. Pretty awesome stuff. The gravity defying dunks, the spectacular adjustments made in mid-air for aweseome scores, the stellar defence, the many--MANY--dramatic game winning shots, the immaculate teamwork--Pippen, Grant, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc, Harper, Cartwright, Paxton--none of them guys would have had a career or endorcements if not for being part of Jordan' supporting cast, and the three-peats acheived TWICE...all of these little acheivments make Michael Jordan--his "Airness"--the best of ALL TIME. PERIOD!
Last nite Reggie Miller talked some some smack and Michael Jordan lit him up for 55 points.
#jordan #chicago #bulls #basketball #champions
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
Describing a seemingly uneventfull evening but, after a few phone calls and ringings at the door bell, the evening turns out to be a nite of immaculate proportions.
I needed to rest last night, but the phone rang, the door bell rang, and I ended-up having a majestic nite.
#rest #sleep #phone #door belll #immacualte
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
When two or more physically express thier feelings of indifference.
Dude was known to squab after closing the neighborhood pub.
#fisticuffs #scrap #fight #duke #dance
by Carlos Mack April 23, 2008
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