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The famous line on Jerry Springer, Maury, etc.
Jerry: Let's bring out the fat and ugly sluts!


Sluts come out screaming, "You don't know me! You don't know me!" while audience is booing with disgust.
by Carlito October 06, 2004
Your taste in women/men.
What's your flavor, baby?
by Carlito October 06, 2004
A character on HomeStarRunner.Com who doesn't say anything, he just shovels poo all day.
The Poop Smith really isn't a bad guy, he just has a crappy job.
-Home Star Runner
by Carlito October 18, 2004
When a men's penis still has the residue of a women's cum on it, usually only right after intercourse.
Slut: Oh, YES!! That sex was so great! Now... come here you.... let me take a taste of your creamed banana....

by Carlito October 06, 2004
The chant said by Leif Ericson, and also a chant said on Leif Ericson day(November 16)after saying "Happy Leif Ericson Day!" to celebrate the fun holiday.
Happy Leif Ericson Day!
by Carlito October 23, 2004
The thing(s) on the end of your hand(s).
I'm not gonna finger you with this finger.
by Carlito October 06, 2004
To have sex with another person (can be used in past and future tense also.)
Sleep with me, I'm not too young...
by Carlito October 18, 2004

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