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a person who is a "nut" for cocaine.
Stay away from her, man...... I heard she's a hardcore coca-nut!
by carlbigman September 29, 2006
A place you didn't intentionally wind up at, much to your, or other people's dismay.
OH SHIT, MAN...... You got us friggin' lost way out here in East Bumfuck!!! I don't even have a clue what planet we're on here!!!
by Carlbigman February 25, 2008
The appeal of a large-breasted woman with a great "rack" that seem to "hang" there on her chest.
This babe's hot!!! She's got a lot of hanger appeal!!!
by carlbigman October 09, 2006
Man with wedgie/need picasso!
In the Immortal style of Charlie Chan, ace TV movie detective, a man who is in severe rectal "discomfort" and dismay needs to picasso.
by carlbigman September 28, 2006

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