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4 definitions by carl carlson

the pretty shiny things that spinn on your tires. they make your car look all badass and gangsta. damn it feels good to be a gangsta!
-dawg wered you get them spinnas? they tight!
-dawg i dont even KNOW!
by carl carlson June 19, 2004
17 10
A loud, bass-ridden guffaw.
after he heard that joke he let out a stupell, which embarassed him to say the least.
by Carl Carlson March 01, 2005
3 3
a girl who wears name brand clothes, buys 1000 dollar purses, and is called an island girl, becuase she has no idea whats goin on in the world, becuase she's off on her own (mental) little island, and only cares about herself and her friends....and her car
i dont know how to tie my shoe, but i shuuuure am puurdy
by Carl Carlson November 26, 2004
15 45
a true balla. we ride spinnas and know how to roll out hardcore
we gangstas ride our spinnas harcore biyatch!

damn it feels good to be a gangsta
by carl carlson June 19, 2004
9 50