3 definitions by carcassxcutter

When a female sits on a mans penis facing away from him while he puts lit sparklers in her her vagina while he waves small american flags in his hands; sex position specifically supposed to be performed on 4th of july.
My wifes vagina got destroyed last 4th of july from when we Uncle Slammed
by carcassxcutter July 08, 2010
A whispering jim, only it is touching penis to asshole with no eye contact
I anti-jimmed my neighbor; what an awkward experience when his wife walked in
by carcassxcutter July 08, 2010
To flip your nutsack over your penis and stuff it in your asshole
When i am single i banana boat instead of jacking off, makes me feel satisfied.
by carcassxcutter July 08, 2010

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