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Someone who has is ethnically Arab and who identifies with other Arabs through linguistic, cultural or genealogical grounds. Most Arabs are Muslim, but some are also Christian, Jewish (yes, Jewish Arabs exist), Druze, Buddhist and of other religions. Arabs have a very rich history when it comes to their civilization and the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was an Arab. Some Arab countries include Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, and so forth.

Arabs have a darker toned skin and speak the Arabic language. Many languages have borrowed words from Arabic, such as the English language for example. Not all Arabs wear turbans, the keffiyeh, or are "ragheads", and those types of attires really depend on the nationality of the Arab wearing or not wearing them, and what part of the world they are located in.

The "war on terror" dates back to the 20th century, and how western powers were dividing and partitioning the land and nations to fit their needs and requirements. It also refers to Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestinian Arab and Syrian lands. The Arabs rarely will strike back as a form of resistance to their lands being pillaged and occupied and their innocent families being killed. Arabs do not forget history, as they are a very historical people.
Abdullah was an Arab, born in Algeria. Arabic is his first language, followed by English. He is a follower of Islam and wears the keffiyeh as a sign of solidarity with his Arab brothers in Palestine.
by carboncube7 December 09, 2009

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