1 definition by captainflap

noun; a short, dark-haired boy with a soul patch who is incapable of making good decsions when it comes to matters of the heart. He is most likely doomed to a life of courting an ugly, hairy man-woman, who's name usually starts with the letter "E" such as, Emily, Eden, or Erica. In his spare time he enjoys texting his ex-girlfriends while he's with another girl. He's basically a giant pussy who can't make up his mind.
Girl: Do you love me?

Guy: Well, yeah, I mean, I love you... and that one girl... too?

Girl: Does she make you happy?

Guy: Well, no, but I mean.. I love her.. kind of.

Girl: God, just make up your mind; you're being such a Noah!
by captainflap April 05, 2010

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