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self obsessed individual
from the irish language me fein (my self)
see snedge
a me feiner will allways put themselves first, allways. and dont you forget it!
by captain snedge pants January 01, 2004
versatile verb adjetive,noun
snedge off
piss up a snedgin' rope go away
snedgeville where snedges hang
snedge petal female loved one
snedgearama where many snedges hang
snedge breath morning breath
snedge face ugly person
"you big snedge"
"i fell off the roof of my house and that bleedin snedge just stood there and laughed as the ambulance crew were removing the garden rake from my snegin' left buttock"
by captain snedge pants December 01, 2003
a rare disease, causing twitching of the victims nose and culminating in the user exhibiting snedge-like behaviour
bastard fuck shit damn bollix, twitch twitch, ooooh sorry, i think i'm coming down with snedgeamitosis.
by captain snedge pants January 01, 2004
person who is always trying to make themselves look good, but only ends up doing the opposite

see david brent: character from bbc tv's "the office"

see gareth: character from bbc tv's "the office"
i like to do the best job that is humanly possible while still remaining dashing and attractive to those who have to work with me, because it is only fair to them, and they appreciate that, i've been thinking about giving classes, but you know, i'm far to busy..
by captain snedge pants January 01, 2004

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