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A juice bag is a small, single-serving of fruit drink in a plastic bag. It is available in single-serving packages at select, low-scale convenience stores but more commonly purchased at grocery stores in packages of 10 or 12. The bags are contained in a larger bag.

Juice bags are generally shipped in a plastic milk crate due to the possibility of combustion or leaking during shipping and are commonly distributed by dairy companies.

Juice bag is a colliquial term since most proper speaking folk call it a "mini-sip".

Juice pages also come with straws to poke a hole in the bag. Most cool people just take a bite out of the corner and squeeze and suck out the juicy goodness.

Comes in variety of flavor such as fruit punch, grape, lemonade, lemon lime, and orange drink. They are made with fine ingredients such as water, sugar, flavour.

Surprisingly with their fruit tasting goodness, they contain no nutritional value, no vitamins or minerals (except salt), and no fruit.

Juice bags is a term commonly used in Atlantic Canada, specifically Cape Breton Island.
Get me a bag of juice bags at the grocery store.

I'm going to have a Pizza Burger and wash it down with 2 Juice Bags.

I'm so thirsty from drinking lastnight and there's not even one Juice Bag left in the bottom of the fridge.
by Capt.Caper October 16, 2010
Big breasts
Look at those juice bags!
by capt.caper October 17, 2010
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