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most uniformed people or non-educated either by choice or by lifestyle have been told it means native brother, cree slang, but it doesnt mean anything it is an adopted white mans term for nigger but used for native , i speak cree and know slang as well, and it doesn't mean "native brother" it means nigger , mostly urban natives have taken the term as brother, non speaking or lack of personal respect , but in reference you wouldnt call your kokum(g if by nb)( k if southern cree) or mushum neechie, you'd get an ass whooping or disowned

there are 4 dialects -k and g are the ones im more familiar with and are the larger of the dialects

ni meaning " I " chi = ci = ? like as in question ...etc it doesnt make sense in translation

there is no cree slang for neechie it is a whole sale word

heres an example of cree slang:
Motts is cree slang for "no or nope", not to be used around older folks, Namoya is the proper pronunciation for ref for "nope ,no ,none, or stop" for cree slang it all depends on how the sentence is set up as well.
hey that neechie stole my bike, hey that neechie was looking at me, hey theres those dirty neechies, damn you neechee
dont buy mugs or t shirts
by caps_gram August 06, 2012
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