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a mixture between the sayings: what's wrong with that? and what about it? with a slight exclaimation as to the urgency of the matter

to be used in more of a sarcastic tense and at the shut down of a friend or enemy when you are sure you're right

to be said with a careless tone of voice and used when doing something stupid, but talking about it as it's extremely cool
we just went to the zoo and we're 15, what of it!?
by capparooti October 12, 2009
when something is really cool, and/or hectic at the same time, it's said to be "hell heccaz"
a try-hard word, usually used when taking the piss out of people who say it seriously.
yeahh mann it's gonna be heccaz!
by Capparooti October 22, 2009

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