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An individual who lives for the weekend i.e. they spend their wages on getting drunk and pulling people in clubs that play popular music. About 90% of the British population between the ages of 15 and 30.
Look at that group of Hard-Fis over there. Let us separate ourselves from their mindless normality.

I pulled this hot girl in Fifth Ave last night.
Was she a Hard-Fi?
Yeah, obviously. It was a club.
by capodeicapi April 03, 2008

To rhino is to make quick progress through rough terrain, such as a hill or tundra.
Example 1: "How do we get across this arduous ground?"

"Rhino through it, of course!"

Example 2: "I rhinoed across the pitch and scored like a beast from another world"
by capodeicapi July 10, 2008
The anti-God of light machine guns. This death machine delivers a cloud of pain to all within the fifty metre radius of the barrel. Works especially well with added grip and double tap rate of fire.
Example #1: +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 +10

Example #2: *Slow, calm pivot of the M60E4 from left to right, right to left*
by capodeicapi August 16, 2008
To own someone in any possible way.
"Man, I totally just Cod4d that guy!"

"Omfgz!!!1 That girl just Cod4d his dad through the roof!"
by capodeicapi July 10, 2008

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