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inner sense of self-preservation inherent within creatures in the animal kingdom; sense of right and wrong for human beings that seems to come naturally; natural intuition to respond, sometimes suddenly, to sensory input; initial strong feelings experienced as new information is processed.
The lion is feared throughout the animal kingdom because of its predatory instincts.

My senses aren't tingling at all -- my instincts have failed humanity!

Guy 1: My instincts tell me I should NOT be doing this, but I gotta be strong!
Guy 2: Dude, you're only bench-pressing like 45 pounds!

If teen-aged males trusted their instincts more, they wouldn't say the (too often) famous last words: "Hey, watch THIS!"
by canuck4Jesus February 25, 2010
The inner sense of right and wrong for the human post-adolescent male; the adult human male and/or masculine equivalent of woman's intuition (in the singular form) and women's intuition (in the plural form); masculine conscience and/or psyche.
Since he is immature, his manstincts are not (yet) fully-developed. Every new father needs to learn to trust his manstincts (in the same way a new mother needs to trust her woman's intuition). My manstincts went haywire when I heard that lame suggestion.
by canuck4Jesus February 24, 2010
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